I Take You Alone

The Bombay Sweets, a Minneapolis-based duo consisting of Nathan Grumdahl and Jeff Brown (who uses a cocktail drum kit, which is fucking awesome), have managed to craft a truly unique blend of surfer-garage-rockabilly, and early rock 'n roll raucousness. Phantom Form recently released their first real collection of studio-recorded songs (a self-titled EP), and all six songs are warm, dusty gems -- like some old, awesome record you might find in your parents' vinyl collection and listen to over and over, whenever you want to feel like a hot-blooded teenager growing up in the 1960s. I'm really digging the opening track, "I Take You Alone"; like the other tracks on the album, it's chock-full of primitive, straightforward percussion, Grumdahl's soulful, haunting vocals, and tasty guitar riffs that all work together at a pace that will keep you panting.

You can purchase the gorgeous one-sided, lime green and pink 12" (or a digital download via iTunes) right here, y'all.

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