Mixtape: Dope Halloween Fuck

Here it is! Crash Symbols' newest compilation, Dope Halloween Fuck. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I was super excited to put together this delicious treat (and the album art) for y'all. All of the bands that contributed did an amazing job, and I think all of the tracks work really well together to create the perfect atmosphere -- whether it's a pleasant autumn moment, the anticipation of getting ready to go trick-or-treating when you were a kid, or getting psyched for a creepy-fun time at a party. The compilation features a ton of unreleased songs (from The New Lines, Bone Quida Ida, Daniel Sex Jr., Nomadic Firs, and more), as well as the first track from boy crush (Sean Posila of High Pop fame). The Electric Nature/Pop Culture Shaman track even samples Twin Peaks. Put this mix on while you're putting on your facepaint and enjoy. Here's to Halloween!

1. Karma Vision - Teeter Totter
2. Bone Quida Ida - The Witches
3. boy crush - Lizzy Locke
4. Field Dress - Easy Shade (Shadow Mix)
5. The New Lines - The Phylactery of a Spring Street Malcontent
6. Nomadic Firs - In The Morning
7. Red Hook - Lavender Punch
8. Colored Girls - The Third Policeman
9. Rabbit Punch - Watch The Elbow
10. Daniel Sex Jr. - Prowl
11. Goat Lightning - I Am Blue
12. The Electric Nature with Pop Culture Shaman - Shut Yr Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames

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Please download the whole shebang right HERE!

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