As someone that likes to be able to have every proper noun in my posts link through to something - a bandcamp, facebook, wikipedia page, etc - it's particularly difficult to write about Moon, because I can link you to the bandcamp it's on and nearly nothing else besides. Apparently it's the second of a mixtape series from LA's homotownrecords, for whom I can find no web presence. Even their bandcamp has only this mixtape. I'd like to think that all of the bands on it were made up exclusively for the mixtape by housemates or neighbors of the label, which might explain it's consistent quality and its fun shifts from lo-fi noise freak outs to reserved bursts of inventive, but significantly more conservative, jazzy weirdness - Architect's interspersing "Moonludes" are a particular treat. If they had a website that I could find, I'd tell you to watch, but in the meantime download this thing for free here. (via Foxy Digitalis)

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  1. I found a youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/homotownrecords