Notorious Debris

I recently had the tremendous pleasure of catching SoftSpot live, a show that I hope eventually everyone will be lucky enough to catch. Core members Sarah Kinlaw and Bryan Keller have significant roots in Wilmington, though they call Brooklyn home base at this point. The two, along with drummer Andrew Spaulding, create haunting meditative music that is certain to permeate straight to the soul. The live show translates even better as the band plays with a furious energy, almost conveying the idea that without playing these songs each member would slowly shrivel up into nothingness. There is something truly spiritual about SoftSpot's music, and it locks the listener in just as much as the performers.

MP3: SoftSpot - Notorious Debris
This track is from the band's recent †our casse††e, which you can snag digitally over at Bandcamp.

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