Plague Of Angels

Our pal Dana Jewell just sent over some tracks from the newest Wild Animal Kingdom Records release. Don't Be Above Me is The Family Stoned's second release with WAKR, and I don't see Olympia's own champions of psychedelic rock slowing down. "Plague Of Angels" is short, sweet and to the point; crunching guitars and furious percussion bubble precariously beneath rebelliously pointed vocals. Another treat from the tape is the band's cover of "Dancing Barefoot" by Patti Smith. It holds pretty true to the original, though The Family Stoned gives the song a bit more of a spinning-out-of-control vibe that fits just perfectly.

The Family Stoned - Plague Of Angels
The Family Stoned - Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
Don't Be Above Me is available now in cassette format from the beautiful minds at Wild Animal Kingdom Records.

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