Sa Sa Samoa

It's been some time since I first heard Korallreven, making it that much harder to believe the duo has only just confirmed their first ever live shows. To add to the excitement they've also dropped a new track featuring Julianna Barwick on us. "Sa Sa Samoa" will be featured on Korallreven's debut album, An Album By Korallreven, set to release November 15. It's a sparkling pop jam that feels destined to be a winter anthem. Lightly plucked strings and shimmering synth pads build a crystal ballroom around Barwick's vocals as the track continuously transforms into an almost tropical masterpiece.

MP3: Korallreven - Sa Sa Samoa (ft Julianna Barwick)
Pre-order An Album By Korallreven now, arriving around November 15 via the inimitable Acephale.

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