Video Premiere: Tonstartssbandht - Sinkhole Storm and Sandwich / Hotel For Gods

Clocking in at roughly 18 minutes each, Spencer Gilley and Corbin Ordel's two videos for Tonstartssbandht's latest may not be something you want to try and watch if you're getting ready to leave for work. In a perfect universe, I'd project them on our wall for atmosphere while we make breakfast this morning... which might just be a religious experience. "Sinkhole Storm and Sandwich" begins with a claymation intro and ends in chaos, the collapsed dream of some endless boogie jam, while "Hotel For Gods" is the higher brow experience that perhaps the name suggests. Brothers Andy and Edwin skateboard for a day, goofing off and periodically hugging like the park is the best place they've ever been. Brotherly love or quasi-religious skateboard advocacy? Who knows, but it's all there.

The two tracks appear as the a-side and b-side on the band's latest release, a tremendously limited edition cassette available from them and the irredeemable heathens at Arbutus.

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