Booze Crooze

For the past month I've been working at a haunted house here in Wilmington. Trying to stack the dollars pulled me away from the blog a minute, and all the while Andy over at MJ MJ continuously told me how I would adore Slyy once I had the time to give it a chance. I can't begin to tell you how right he was. It's hands down my favorite beat tape I've heard this year. Something about the immediate groove that Slyy presents in each track just keeps me hanging on every synth line, bouncy kick and twisted sample thrown my way. Throw the headphones on, fire up a blunt and bliss out to this one.

Slyy - Booze Crooze
Slyy - Hot Fight
Head over to the MJ MJ Bandcamp and pick up Serious Sauce Vol 2 now on cassette.

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