Cherry Blossom

Meet Patrick Higgins, a 20 year-old pizza delivery guy from Providence, RI. When he's not slinging pies, he's also Ratigan, a fantastic singer/songwriter with a knack for crafting raw, 90s-tinged rock jams. Fortune Metal, his recent fifteen-track digital release, is consistently full of genuine lyrics, noisy ramblings, and bedroom rock elements that bring to mind dusty Weezer b-sides mixed with varying amounts of Beck, Pavement, Stone Temple Pilots, and Flaming Lips. My personal favorite is "Cherry Blossom", an addictive track with wonderfully playful and idiosyncratic vocal layers, blissfully palatable guitar riffs, and a simple, fuzzed-out drum beat.

You can grab the whole album for free here, and I highly recommend that you do so.

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