Did I Kill Someone I Don't Know About?

beaunoise is the recording moniker of Beau Sorenson, who some of you may recognize from his contributions to Clive Tanaka's orquesta and the two's recent collaborations, though by himself he's become far more prolific, with several albums worth of material under his belt. This latest is distinct from his ongoing series of ambient tapes and it feels like an evacuation of Sorenson's every contrary impulse; fast paced, "sample based life". The album is, of course, a mix of things, and among the snippets, oddities, and more broadly recognizable "song" structures are an incredible couple of Sorenson's own remixes. For his treatment of Kelis' "Milkshake" (here retitled to "I Objectify Women Because I Hate My Body"), he decided "to try and really wreck it", which will be so immediately evident it'll probably hurt - it's a fucking gem.

Mp3 ::
Download the album for-whatever-you-want here and grab the limited edition cassette from Tall Corn.

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