L'appel Du Vide

Get ready for a real auditory treat, y'all. Luke Donovan's latest musical expedition, Spectral Park, just released its first single, "L'appel Du Vide." Translated roughly, that means "the call of the void", which apparently refers to the urge to jump from high places. Matching that sentiment, the synth and percussion work on this track is wild, jerky, and fast-paced, not to mention the almost non-stop vocals that call out pleadingly, "I assumed you would change..." while sucking you further and further into swirling oblivion. There's said to be a full album in the works, so we'll definitely be keeping you posted.

Download the track, plus a demo song, here. You can also check out a music video for the track over there.

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  1. so good, right? just saw the email in our inbox and did a quick search to see his coverage elsewhere and of course GOTC is on it bareback :D