Mad Speakers

A couple of weeks ago my favorite MC in the underground, Shady Blaze, dropped a new mixtape with Nem270 on full production duties; titled Blessed Or Cursed. If Nem270 rings a bell then you've probably seen his name as a production credit on various other Green Ova projects. He creates some of the most brain rattling beats of the whole green ova production crew. Shady is never one to back down from a beat and attacks every note as fiercely as ever, showing off both the versatility of him and of Nem270 in only the intro; with one track you're hooked. Once you slide into the title track there's just no turning back, and "Mad Speakers" is sure to become an anthem for late nights, riding down the block while passing the blunt.

Shady Blaze - Mad Speakers
Shady Blaze - Stars Will Light A Way
Head over to Nem270's Bandcamp to check out Blessed Or Cursed in full.

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