Only Air

Among a slew of other great tapes in the recent outpouring from Iowa's Night People Records is Melody Elder, the debut LP from the Garment District, the solo moniker of Jennifer Baron, who - surely to the delight of the good-heartedly acquisitive Elephant Six completists out there - was around in Brooklyn in time to help start The Ladybug Transistor. Melody Elder is defined in large part by a very textural experience of the cast of analog instruments Baron made use of during recording. Everything seems to have the sense of a button or key being deliberately depressed, creating the sharp short weeze of synthesized organs, and held, to draw out longer winded tones. Being aware of her connection to Elephant Six, there are plenty of links to be drawn between her music and the collective's noisier luminaries, but the ambition and organization on Baron's solo debut sets it apart.

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Grab the limited edition tape from here.

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