Ow Nix Golly

Orlando band Telethon has, in their own words, "released a 7", an EP, a 45 minute cassette, toured a little bit, and had the pleasure of playing with/meeting many great artists/friends around the world" - which are certainly the most straight forward things to be said about them, as their pop pastiche, maximalist noise-tronica shifts tones constantly, consistent only in its being clearly intended to sound loud. On their latest album, Ow Nix Golly, a pair of epic jams lead into a warbly, synth-heavy instrumental section, exemplified by the ambiguity and implied ambivalence of "Why Call Anything Anything", and ending in the bouncy balladry of "Get Things Wrong". That said, I'm sure I don't need to convince anyone that something with cover art like that is totally amazing.

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