PBUH026: Digital Leather - Sponge

Shawn Foree is Digital Leather, a god forsaken heathen that toiled resentfully in the notorious drug farms of the mid-West, where I'm told he invented something called "new-wave Nazi fag punk" - presumably as some kind of protest. Liberated by the management of Jay Reatard, his transmissions were carried worldwide in 2009 by Fat Possum, in a stunning edition called Warm Brother. As he prepares new spiteful imprecations to hurl, we present Sponge - a fabulous instrument for soaking up tyrrany.
"Sponge is a collection of tracks I recorded during the winter of 2011 on my 4-track. It contains material from a limited 7” I did for Spanish label Ghost Highway Recordings, as well as some covers and demos. At first this album was going to be for my close friends only, but I liked the vibe of it so much I decided it should be shared more widely. It’s gritty and lo-fi, but also warm and poignant. Nothing too serious. Just a fun time." -Shawn Foree
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