Premiere: Messy Hopping

As the bald black high flying phoenix of MJ MJ Records continues its meteoric rise from a dolorous, albeit temporary, dissembly of life, tapes issue forth on wings of bald black high flying phoenix matter - most recently, the above offering from Tree Hopping and Messy Sparkles, appropriately titled Messy Hopping, and we can hardly imagine a better pairing. The two halves mesh seamlessly, united as much by recording styles as content; bombastic pop made either by able multi-instrumentalists or teams of multiple, perhaps drunken, single-instrumentalists, cycling into and out of ambient excursions and acoustic freakouts.

MP3 ::
Buy the cassette from the MJ MJ bandcamp, bearing in mind that the label's currently running a buy 2 get the 3rd for free special on their tapes. I recommend doubling up for a customized buy 4 get 2 for free. Instructions for taking advantage of the special are literally right in this very spot.

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