This Monday Stroll On Records will drop Pyramid Vritra's The Story Of Marsha Lotus on vinyl. The entire album features Vritra's heady approach to production; soulful grooves with tracks that might just leave you dizzy by the end. But beyond that is the story he weaves with words, telling the tale of Marsha Lotus. The album's title track rings in at just under fifteen-minutes, though it breaks up into chapters leaving a sort of album within the album. Vritra's flow is subtle, often lying just behind the beat, forcing you to listen closer. He apparently has an excess of material, as he just dropped a mixtape last week to give the Marsha Lotus release a little more umph. Titled simply PYRAMIDVRITRA, it also features co-production on a few tracks from fellow NRK member Pyramid Murdock.

Stream: Pyramid Vritra - The Story Of Marsha Lotus
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Pick up The Story Of Marsha Lotus via Stroll On now.

MP3: Pyramid Vritra - ??? (prod. by Pyramid Murdock)
You can stream and download PYRAMIDVRITRA over at the NRK Bandcamp.

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