Haleek Maul is a frustrated 15 year old. We've all been there. I can speak for myself, however, in saying that I did not have the rap intellect or stunning production talents that Haleek has with which to vent his frustrations. He's currently at work on his first album, titled Oxyconteen, which will feature production from not only himself, but from the likes of Supreme Cuts, Crim3s and more. Last week Maul posted up this new track from Oxyconteen that sees him on a Kanye-like flow, with a little more charisma, less ego, and pace-changes that will keep you hooked. The title "Teufel" comes from the German word for "devil", which Maul explains is a fuck you of sorts in response to the idea of normality and a hyper-Christian upbringing.

Stream: Haleek Maul - Teufel

Oxyconteen drops one day next year. You'll hear about it.

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