Whistle Bait: A Fake Quentin Tarantino Film

While collecting music for an unrelated project, our raging super friend Eric Steuer, of uniquely honorable mention, remembered that he's aces with the mixes, and in an instant conceived a project that only he could adequately: the soundtrack to a fake Tarantino movie. Eric says...
"So here's music from 'Whistle Bait', which, if it were real, would have come out in the summer of 1995, between 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Jackie Brown.' It would have starred Asia Argento (in the role that would have made her a star) as a young private eye with a penchant for violence, Angela Bassett as her thrice-as-sadistic mentor, and Sean Penn as a lawyer/coke dealer/their friend. Pretty sure Samuel L. Jackson woulda been in it too. And, like, Arliss Howard in a small part."
It's perfect - beginning with Screamin' Jay Hawkin's lead track, it fits perfectly the pace and expectations of a Tarantino film, once again emphasizing Eric's depth of vision and extreme command of historical tuneage.

1. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Temptation
2. Wendy Rene - Bar-B-Q
3. Average White Band - One Look Over My Shoulder (Is This Really Goodbye?)
4. Boney M. - Daddy Cool
5. The Sonics - Dirty Old Man
6. Dorothy Ashby - Come Live with Me
7. Willie Nelson - Night Life
8. Shocking Blue - Never Marry a Railroad Man
9. The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost
10. Maria Muldaur - Midnight at the Oasis
11. Marci Lee & Johnny Otis - Castin' My Spell
12. Madeline Bell - If You Didn't Hear Me the First Time
13. Bill Doggett - Hold It
14. Riot - Put Your Gun Down Brother
15. Sanford Clark - The Fool

Download it via this incredibly direct link here.

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