beating4U (in a different way)

o F F Love just posted a new track to his soundcloud this morning. The title of the track, "beating4U (in a different way)", lends to a humorous notion; though the addition of "in a different way" makes me wonder which thought he assumed would come first. It's all sex and love anyway, so let's just get it twisted. Regardless of all that, it's a pretty rad track with a real slow-burner vibe. Something about the pulse pushes me to my feet, allowing the music slowly contort my figure. "beating4U" won't appear on the album, but that means you can just throw this ear candy on whenever you'd like. Now seems fitting.

MP3: o F F Love - beating4U (in a different way)
While this track won't be on Probably Love, you can still look forward to that this January via M=MAXIMAL.

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