Devil's Pie (Fuck The Slice)

We're long-time fans of zoney beatsmith Silky Johnson over here. Lately we've also been quite enamored by rapper Deniro Farrar (see DMFv2), so last week when the two teamed up with Emilio Rojas to release "Devil's Pie" I was a little more than excited. Silky's beat on this one is subdued, relying on the minimal yet hazy vibe he's becoming more and more known for. Farrar jumps hard on the beat, starting things off with a slow paced recanting of his own dealings with the Devil. As the beat gains energy so does Farrar, shaking off any hesitations before speaking about the twisted ways of governments. Emilio Rojas also impresses on this one; this is the first I've heard from him and you can already count me as a fan. From the start of his verse he goes in hard with a "fuck everything, I came to get mine" attitude. The point is certainly proven, in the end we all want more than just a piece of the Devil's pie.

MP3: Deniro Farrar x Emilio Rojas - Devil's Pie (Fuck The Slice)

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