Ghosts Outside of Argentina

Brian Miller is a forever busy kinda dude, and he keeps it that way. For many being a part of the drum & vocal legends Foot Village would be enough, but Brian also toils away on other things like his record label, Deathbomb Arc, and various side projects such as Back To The Future The Ride. It's been a while since we last heard from BTTFtr, but yesterday Miller released Chatroom Enhancing Drugs. The album is a collection of singles and compilation tracks, as well as 3 previously unreleased tracks (one of which is a remix from tik///tik alias SatisHouse of entire BTTFtr album Neutrino Based Lifeforms.) With Miller as busy as he is it's always exciting to hear new music from him, so we'll try to keep his schedule in mind as we beg and plead for the next album to come ASAP.

Back To The Future The Ride - Ghosts Outside of Argentina
Back To The Future The Ride x SatisHouse - Science Mirror

Chatroom Enhancing Drugs is available to download in full, for free via the always stellar Deathbomb Arc.

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