The Hood Internet

Some days I act like I'm too cool for stuff like The Hood Internet, despite the fact that it's totally not true. It's undeniable that at 5am, when you're stoned as fuck; still awake; still smoking; and heading to the best breakfast biscuit place in town, there is just nothing better to blast in the car. Mash-ups have never quite been my thing, but The Hood Internet knows how to combine tracks in a way that I've always found uniquely refreshing. It's somewhat hard to believe that this duo has been combining tracks as The Hood Internet for about four years now with no actual full-length release under their belt. Thanks to the folks at Mishka, however, that has finally changed.

Freddie Gibbs, Class Actress & Telli Gramz - VCR [prod. by The Hood Internet]
BBU (feat. Das Racist) - Please No Pictures [prod. by the Hood Internet]
Head over to the Mishka Bandcamp now to snag The Hood Internet in full and for free.

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