ISO50 Holiday Covers EP

Making music for Christmas can't be easy. People's "traditional listening" holidays seems to vary radically and the risk of sounding sappy seems to be something near the top of a lot of minds, so I've tended to find a lot of the really good Christmas mixes out there, are also tremendously short. Ages ago, Jheri made a five song Christmas mixtape that was pretty rad (in spite of it's grotesquely unseasonable cover). Last year, Jakub Alexander - the music curator for ISO50 and the man behind Moodgadget - put together such a mix for the former, composed of only six songs. Featuring the Beautiful Bells, Sun Hammer, Foxes in Fiction, the Depot-Tones, Weed, and Direwires, there are just enough nods to convention to keep it feeling wintery and plenty of avant-pop noise and craziness to make sure you'll be having weird Christmases as long as it lingers on your hard drive.

Download the entire mix here.

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