Premiere: Horrible Present - Damaged Droplets (Welcome Back Sailors Remix)

This past summer Horrible Present put out a fantastic two-song EP that fortunately does not live up to the name. Into The Grove shows two extraordinary sides of Horrible Present. "Blank Out" has a furious psychedelic energy to it, leaving a somewhat meditative residue behind that leaves the listener in a haze. "Damaged Droplets" moves in a much more delicate form, inciting feelings of waking up early just as Spring is beginning. Our friends from Welcome Back Sailors just recently gave the second track a dizzying remix, gleaning every bit of psychedelia from the track and pouring it haphazardly over a huge dance beat.

MP3: Horrible Present - Damaged Droplets (Welcome Back Sailors Remix)
You can grab the Into The Grove EP (as well as the more recent Four EP) from Horrible Present's bandcamp. If you haven't heard Welcome Back Sailors' YES/SUN yet make sure you grab that one too, also via bandcamp.

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