Premiere: Twin Steps - Pinkie Promise

Merry Christmas, boys and girls! Twin Steps' debut album Serial Parade comes out today on Cola Bruin, as both a digital release and a beautiful matte green 10" record (I'd grab one soon, because there are only 300 of them). We were lucky enough to see Twin Steps perform at a house show in Oakland a few months ago, and we've been huge fans since. Their music is a bit hard to classify (it's been called "violent soul" and "thrashwave"), but whatever genre it may be a part of, these songs are really, really, really good. Of the four tracks and two "interludes" on the album, my favorite is probably "Pinkie Promise" -- it's just over six minutes of blissful, updated 60s pop, a few samples, and Drew's idiosyncratically perfect vocals, all punctuated in the middle by a musical car crash of sorts. This is one of my favorite albums of the year, and I suggest listening to it when you're having a drink/smoke and feel like getting swept away by something strange and wonderful.

Buy the lovely 10" vinyl right here, and stream four of the six tracks over there if you like.

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