Retrosexual Moments: Welcome the Plague Year

"We were a special generation," he said. "Born just in time to see the end of the world, the chosen people," he said.
"But what does it mean? What does it mean?" we cried.
"Not a damn thing, not a damn thing."
A breath of resignation escapes your lips as you realize the end is nigh, as it clicks in your head that there is nothing you can do to change the way these things played out, the way you lived your life. Embrace it; make love to it. Take the locusts and the cancers and make them your new mistresses. Welcome the Plague Year. In 2003 they formed from the ashes of Joshua Fit For Battle and Neil Perry, and they were amongst the first bands to make me fall in love with the genre of skramz; the first to make me understand that the soundtrack in my head existed somewhere physically. The fury that comes with that sense of teenage angst, the slow sounds of doom that came with your first existential breakdown, the serenity that came with the realization that it would happen anyway, and all you could do was accept.

Welcome the Plague Year - Behold A Pale Horse
Welcome the Plague Year - Doomsday

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