Video: Ensemble Economique - Everything I Have To Give, I Give To You

[video by kohnkepik]
Ensemble Economique recently released his newest LP, Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight, with Dekorder. Last year's Psychical on Not Not Fun was one of my favorite records of the year; having introduced me to the wickedly ethereal spacescapes of Ensemble Economique. With this new record we see EE expanding on the musical worlds he creates, seeming to add life where there wasn't life before. Things feel sparse, and at times completely desolate; but other moments in the record lend to a sense of activity springing forth in a somewhat youthful manner. Perhaps we are witnessing Ensemble Economique grow young again. With only six tracks the record still clocks in at just under 40-minutes. The above clip was put together using footage from the film Don't Look Now and it is for the shortest track on the record, giving you merely a light taste of what's in store. If you're at all familiar with his previous works then it's a no-brainier to just grab a fork and dig in.

Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight is available now on LP and digital via Dekorder.

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