Video Premiere: Parentz - Back It Up

Parentz had a fun time with 2011 - with two editions of his debut cassette sold out, the later of the two from Chill Mega Chill Records, and rumors abounding that mainstay Jeremy Sullivan is getting a "real job" somewhere in the SF Bay, it has to seem like an important year and Sullivan's chosen to end it with a video. Shot on location in Oakland, featuring special guest appearances from "Claude at Sinema Girl, Yalls, James and Evander, Kia..." (Kia sings in the band) "... Dre..." (presumably Dr. Dre) "... and everybody else in the video and who smashed things" (probably means ever smashed things). Although filmed over last summer, I'm presuming that the seasonal climate in the Bay is just barely perceptible enough for the professionally-homemade video to look like a different time of year to anyone from the area, but it's just cold enough for me to not envy Jeremy when the water balloons let loose midway. 


  1. You guys get it! I dig you two (Jeremy & Kia) so keep it rollin

  2. that's truly emotional they're on the outs of the musical arena. their video is a great campaign for the diversity of the yay, huh? thought i'd take the opportunity to tell y'all you've got a superior music blog here and (along with yvynyl) i'll be back often. in the meantime thank you for free dl of in the shadow of the mountain. that's you guys, yeah?